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CIFL Comité interprofessionnel des fournisseurs du laboratoire

About us

Established in 1960, CIFL is a professional association of suppliers of laboratory products, services and instrumentation in the areas of research, analysis and control for the French market. Its goal is to defend the interests of the laboratory profession and all its members.

The CIFL is federative :


The Laboratory is the link of CIFL members : a single market for multiple trades and customers. Regardless of the size of their companies, CIFL members are listened to, informed and defended with the same concern and attention in the common interest. 

The functioning of the CIFL is based on active involvement of its members, through working committees, surveys and informal meetings : thus, more than 50 volunteers make our Association live.

The CIFL provides many services to its members : training and information, follow-up of regulatory constraints, such as WEE or transport of hazardous materials, REACH, Sunshine Act... 

To help its members to grow, the CIFL implements reliable statistics throughout the year and several Markets studies every year covering all sectors of the Laboratory Profession. A better understanding of the market allows companies to better meet the expectations of their customers. 

The CIFL also works to promote scientific careers and to enhance our business by working closely with schools, universities and recruiters. This is how we prepare the companies' future business, with a better trained staff, eager to put its expertise at the service of an entire profession.

The CIFL owns and organizes Forum LABO, the largest francophone laboratory exhibition.


The CIFL in a few figures :


The CIFL has nearly 200 members companies, suppliers in the analytical or biotechnology field, representing in France :

  • more than 10,000 employees 
  • approximately 2 billion euros in combined revenue 
  • more than 90% of the Laboratory market
  • with almost 60% of VSEs 


95% of members would recommend the CIFL to their colleagues and partners and 68% of them consider that the CIFL has helped them to develop their business thanks to its advice and information*.

(*Satisfaction survey conducted on behalf of CIFL in 2016)