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Contact : Madame Amel BENDALI
Téléphone : 06 17 24 30 84
Site internet : www.inorevia.com
Adresse : 29 rue du Faubourg Saint jacques Pépinière Cochin 75014 PARIS FRANCE

E-mail : Contacter l'entreprise

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Inorevia is a French company exploiting cutting-edge patented technologies to accelerate Research in Life Sciences and Medicine. By providing researchers and clinicians with innovative tools, Inorevia aims at solving the challenge of increasing complexity in Biology.
The recently launched Magelia® platform allows scientists and clinicians to do more and better with less: higher quality and sensitivity from less starting material and less reagents, with full walk-away workflows.
The Magelia® represents the future of lab automation: personalized sample prep for personalized medicine. This is a true innovation on the way liquids are handled and assay efficiency is optimized: full walk-away simplified workflows for a plug-and-play experience.
These benefits answer all the challenges scientists and clinicians are facing, to unlock highly efficient sample preparation on any sample, even below the kits limits for input quantity. This is based on the core assets of our proprietary technology: all-in-one capillary sample preparation through miniaturization, without any microplate.

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